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Art and design are not the same thing. They’re two different activities. I’ve been putting it this way over the last six months: art and design are like love and sex. They’re fine independently, and you can use them without one engaging the other. Every once in a while, you find you get both from the same source, but that’s unusual. Design does not have art as its objective. It has a goal, and it means moving from an existing condition to a preferred one. Art is about the transformation of human experience, establishing the common ground between people. Those are two very different functions.




«When I was young, I never particularly thought about how old I was. People keep reminding you how old you are. The funny thing is, they’ll just keep calling you young and then one day, you’re, like, over the hill.» @conoroberst

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Hiroki Nakamura of Visvim

GQ: For folks who have only seen the clothes online, or don’t know a lot about the details that go into them, they think Visvim is too expensive. Do you think the price is justified by the quality and manufacturing processes?

Nakamura: I prefer to have things I can use for a long time that last. Something like this experimental project [Visvim] is expensive because I’m trying to discover things like old techniques and handmade craftsmanship. So the retail price will be very expensive.

But what I’m trying to do is the best in 2013 or 2014. I’m trying to do the best that I can, at hopefully a reasonable price. I’m also introducing the option that, maybe instead of buying five jackets, you can buy one that will last longer. I want to create things that can be vintage in the future. That’s my goal: Future vintage.