Crystallic Fusion


"for the late nights"

San Sebastián

If you’ve got a good leather jacket, a good white T-shirt, a good pair of Levi’s jeans and a good pair of leather boots, you are just styling. Anything else is gravy, really.

ultramagnetic mcs - all star rap

Art and design are not the same thing. They’re two different activities. I’ve been putting it this way over the last six months: art and design are like love and sex. They’re fine independently, and you can use them without one engaging the other. Every once in a while, you find you get both from the same source, but that’s unusual. Design does not have art as its objective. It has a goal, and it means moving from an existing condition to a preferred one. Art is about the transformation of human experience, establishing the common ground between people. Those are two very different functions.